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What Is Lucid Dreaming ?

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Lucid dreaming is not a gift from god that limited to a little number of people in the world, everyone can enjoy it if you just learn the right techniques.

Lucid dreaming, dreaming consciously, means that you are awake while you are dreaming, or in other words, you know that you are in a dream and than you can do what ever you want to do in your dream: fly, jump from mountains, crush with your car and anything you can up to that you cant do in real life (while you awake) is possible. You "play" your dream in a similar way to the real life, but it`s more save because you dreaming consciously (in an non-lucid dream you are dreaming subconsciously), you can awake anytime you want (and run away from nightmares) or why dont you kill your nightmares while having lucid dream? after all you can do everything you want there!

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Why should I want to have lucid dreams?

The first thing that attracts people to lucid dreaming is often the potential for adventure and fantasy fulfillment. Flying is a favorite lucid dream. Many people have said that their first lucid dream was the most wonderful experience of their lives. A large part of the extraordinary pleasure of lucid dreaming comes from the exhilarating feeling of utter freedom that accompanies the realization that you are in a dream, where there will be no social or physical consequences of your actions.

Lucid dreaming may well be the basis of the most effective therapy for nightmares and night terrors. If you know you are dreaming, it is a simple logical step to realizing that nothing in your current experience, however unpleasant, can cause you physical harm. There is no need to run from or fight with dream monsters. In fact, it is often pointless to try because you have conceived the horror in your mind, and it can pursue you wherever you dream yourself to be. The only way to really "escape" is to end your fear; as long as you fear your dream, it is likely to return. The fear you feel in a nightmare is completely real; it is the danger that is not. Unreasonable fear can be defused by facing up to the source, or going through with the frightening activity, so that you observe that no harm comes to you.

lucid dreams visions Lucid dreaming can also help people achieve goals in their waking lives. There are many examples of ways that individuals have used lucid dreams to prepare for some aspect of their waking activities. Some of these applications include: rehearsal (trying out new behaviors, or practicing them, and honing athletic skills), creative problem solving, artistic inspiration, overcoming sexual and social problems, coming to terms with the loss of loved ones, and physical healing.

Is it dangerous to practice with lucid dreams?

lucid dreams danger There is no physical harm to the body nor the brain but, some people are afraid to open the pandora`s box and discover the true about themselves, there life and the things around them and afraid to deal with it. This attitude is known from nightmare, people that denied, people that prefer not to remember there dreams.

What is paralyzed sleeping?

This often happens between sleep and waking , you feel that you are awake but you cant move your body. You feel heavy and numb like an old tree, its also another way to out of body experience: you feel your soul getting out of the body. Remember: its natural to feel that way in lucid dreaming, even if its scary.

Can i get addicted to lucid dreams?

NO, there is no chance that because you like to experience with lucid dreaming you will leave your real life and go to spend all your life by sleeping, because there is a limit to your R.E.M (Rapid Eye Movement) that your brain produce while you are sleeping.

Anything else i should worry about?

No, Just start to having lucid dreams TODAY !

Dreamland psychic \ Lucid dreams \ What is Lucid Dreaming?

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