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What causes nightmares?

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Nightmares are often a product of our fears. You will tend not to have nightmares if you rid yourself of fears. So find out what your fears are, and try to conquer them. Nightmares, however, can also be an early symptom that a disease is developing or that an attack is about to occur.

If you are afraid of dying, then you should know that a lot suggest that you have a life after death, and whenever you want can you return to the physical world. This is called reincarnation. Just study Ian Stevenson's work if you want scientific evidence. If you have other fears, like spiders, there are a few effective things you can do about them.

We have virtual reality, but since we are dealing with dreaming here anyway, it is better to bring up Lucid Dreaming. Whenever you have a nightmare you should try to visualize a different ending on the dream. By doing this you may experience that it is a dream and we all know that dreams aren't dangerous. When lucidity is gained, you can confront whatever is scaring you. Once that is done can you continue exploring the wonderful world of Lucid Dreaming.

Night terrors - Are nightmare-like attacks that occur during non-REM sleep which often involve movement and screaming. Those experiencing them usually have no dream recall or recollection of the experience. Young children, about 2% of them, mostly experience this. It occurs usually within two hours after going to bed. A good way of relieving these experiences is finding out when these terrors occur, and then set the alarm clock to 15 minutes before the terrors start. Do this the rest of the night, for seven days. In most cases does the terrors stop. If they start again, then do the program once more.

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Dreamland psychic \ Nightmare Dreams \ causes nightmares

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