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Short Interpretation Of Dreams - Part 4

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Danny Fischer:
"In the middle of the night, while sleeping, I dreamt a rather violent dream - from what I remember is that I was about to be hit by a truck; in order to avoid it, i had to jump aside - immediately. That I did, and I jumped literally from my bed to the hard stone floor, and luckily didn't hurt myself. I was in a shock, took me quite some time to understand what had happened. This reoccurred twice during the past two years, every time a different dream, but all dealt with the same story: in order to avoid being struck or hit, I forced myself - WHILE STILL DREAMING - to J U M P............Since then, I put pillows on the floor. I have a normal life, no danger or anything like that."

DREAMLAND: This happens when the dreamer is so excited in the dreams and think its so real so he acting like in real life = jump aside the road and actually falling from the bed. Its also happens at the early stage of sleep, when the brain didnt paralyzed the body yet. There are some techniques that could help you:
Dont get to excited, try to relax and keep cool, try lucid dreams and dont go to sleep when your brain or body is after hard physical exercises.

"I broke up with my fiance almost one year ago. May will be a year. We were together for almost 5 years. Everynight I have a dream with him in it. Everynight is different about what is going on, but he is always there. Sometimes we aren't broken up, and sometimes we are. We have kissed in the dreams, talked or sometimes I didn't even acknowledge that I saw him. Just the other day we were at his mothers house, and he said to me, "we have to get through the war zone.." and I woke up. I currently have a boyfriend, and many people say I just wish I had my ex back so that's why I dream of him everynight. I think something else is going on. Just not sure what. In my heart I have always felt he is the one for me....do I just want him back?"

DREAMLAND: well here is another point of view to your dream: many dreams contiand memories, these memories also help you to get over the bad past, i mean when you remember the good times you had with him, it is actually a nice way for the brain to wave bye bye to your past without make you so sad about it. in other words its beautify the past in the dream something like healing time. other thought: well you dream about him but maybe you dont dream about him: maybe your fiance symbolize marrigie and being together and not only him as a person, its happens alot because the brain works in esosiate images, and maybe your fiance cought these meaning by the image of himself..... for example: your fiance = marriage like fish = food.

"I had a dream I was sleeping. Suddenly, the heater in my room and the fan started blowing very violently. I was scared because I knew (for some reason) that there was a "spirit" or "ghost" behind it. I pulled myself under the covers. After scrambling under the covers to the other end of the bed (apparently the lightswitch was on the foot end of the bed I pull the covers up to reach and turn on the light, when suddenly I see a set of legs from the knees down standing there. At this point I freak out, sling the door open, and run into a drumset.I get up and try to run and scream, but my mouth is muffled for some reason; no matter how hard I try to yell, it doesn't happen. What scares me most is that, when I woke up, I awoke in the same position that I was in when I exited the dream."

DREAMLAND: obviously you are afraid but from what? fan and heater have spirit "inside": the waves of air from the fan and even heater - the burning, symbolize feelings of hate sorrow and fan is the passion to drift to another place, feelings. i think you are running away from yourself and that why you cant find a decent shelter (it doesnt help you when you cover yourslef) the lamp symbolized the unstoppable will for a guide and somthing to cure your pain. muffled mouth - again no one will help you and i guess because they cant, you and only you will cure the pain. good luck!

Donna T:
"i had a dream that i was lying on an operating table with 3 doctors surrounding me. they told me that i had not been using my intelligence to its fullest and that they had an operation that would cure me. As I lay on the table they covered my body with a white netting that I could see through. Although I dont remember them telling me, i knew they were going to cut through my right cheek bone. They administered anethesia but I would not go under. They then put an oxygen mask over my face but I would still not succumb. I pushed the netting off and jumped from the table to run. I woke up scared and anxious."

DREAMLAND: If you are lying in a hospital you are affraid from the future and since you wanted to be more intelegent i think you affraid of the fact that you wont be smart or you will get no education. beware that maybe you are sick: maybe in this dream your mind telling you that you are going to be sick and you need to take care of yourself.

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