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Short Interpretation Of Dreams - Part 3

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"I have had this dream about 3 times that I am pregnant. I am not pregnant or never have been.The dreams started about 3 weeks ago. My friends Grandmother died 2 days after I the dreams started. Does my dream have anything to do with the death of her Grandmother? Can you please tell me what this dream means? Thanks"

DREAMLAND: Dreams of pregnancy usually means that you want to start new thing especially inner things like thoughts, try other personality or the will to descover yourself and change your nature. ofcourse it can symbolize that you want to have a baby too and you unaware to this physical need of your body. if you believe in parapsychology dreams it might mean that this grandmother is going to start a new spiritual life and it will be connected to you: maybe you future child will have the grandmother`s soul.

Fairy fruit cake:
"I'm in a car (after play-fighting with Ben - a friend, who I've gotten kinda close to these last few months though he doesn't yet know it) and I have this huge flower in front of me where Ben should be. The flower is kinda serrated looking and has vivid purple and pink colouring to its petals. I kiss the flower over and over again, not terribly upset that Ben isn't there - as I know the flower is Ben - but vaguely purplexed. "

DREAMLAND: As you said the flower is Ben but still the imagie of the flower means that something in Ben reminds you flower... ask yourself why and you got the answer. warning: not all the flowers are beautiful from the inside.

"I had a dream just recently that I was one minete in some office area in LA like i was trying to find a job. And then i was being chased around by some guy who was my age but i was laughing as he was doing it it was around some couch while the whole room was a shade of lavendar almost and I was seeing it through a glass window scene. Next I rmember being in a car sittin in the back seat with some guy next to me and me asking him " do you know you could be charged with stauatory rape?" he said that he didnt care. SInce I was pregnant and just begining to show like 5 months or something and he looked out his window. On his side of the window were tall slender and green. This time it was in first person so i couldnt see myself say it but i heard myself say it and i saw my stomach "

DREAMLAND: Someone is chasing you - you running from something or fear of something he is running around the couch - may he is tired of chasing you - can symbolize you over come this fear of chasing. and you even can sit back and relax. But you are still afraid at the car. and worry to your baby - its natural to be protective but not over protective.

"Over winter break my family went to Florida. A few nights before we went, I had a reoccuring nightmare. I was laying in my bed and all of a sudden 2 men come into my room (very quickly) on scooters. They came in a door that leads from my room to the pool outside in my yard. I see one of the guys lunging at me very quickly and it seems like it blacks out or something. I don't remember where the other man went. I don't know what happens really, but I heard myself screaming very loudly and wake up and leap out of my bed. (that isn't part of the dream, i really woke up and did that) . This dream happened twice that night even when i went into my parents bedroom to sleep except i don't remember it, my parents just said they heard my screaming in my sleep. I was very nervous about it the next day and I couldn't stop thinking about the dream."

DREAMLAND: This is recurring nightmare. The people in the scooter might means that your are afraid form criminals: robbers, killers, theiffs. To stop it make sure that you are sleeping in a save place: lock your room`s door, close the window and before you go to sleep tell your self that you will not be visited by intruders.

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