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Short Interpretation Of Dreams - Part 2

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"I've been having these long dreams lately that tend to stay in my mind for a very long time. I had this one dream where I was waiting outside a high school and I chipped some paint off the wall. Suddenly the top of the school was falling onto me and my friends and soon the whole school was gone. Me and my friends ran across the street and cuddled in blankets watching 2 guys from my school (one which was my exboyfriend) clean up the mess that the tumble created. Recently I've had dreams that I am being attacked by a man wearing a blue blazer, or being hit with big blue darts. What does the blue mean?"

DREAMLAND: You are aware that you are causing problems to other people even if you dont mean to do it, you are very sorry in your dream and that why you help the people, i guess you are really good person that some how got yourself in problems. maybe you are missing to your ex boyfriend? and sorry about all that mess and you want him to clean it up? The blue means silence, whatever happens to you in the dream is in silence, and even in away that you will not notice. and that happens so you will not fight the man or you will not be abale to change what the man with the blue blazer doing. warning: silence is the most crul killer!!

Lou Ann:
"I have had a recurring dream in the past week about my jaws being locked. When I try to open my mouth it starts to open and it feels as though my jaws will break. I feel everything and it is very painful. Sometimes I can open my mouth slowly and my jaws feel like the gums in the back of my mouth are pulling and and the bones are crunching together. Once I get it open all the way my face is winching with pain and I start to cry a semi-panicked cry. The background and what I am doing in the dream varies. It's just that at some point in the dream I'll turn away and start struggling with my jaws. It is terrible because I can feel everything!! I don't think I'm grinding my teeth because my mouth feels okay when I wake up."

DREAMLAND: You have big problem to tell the world who are you, what do you want, its seems like you are locked in silence. You fight in your dream but still cant open it and it was alot of pain.... you will need to work hard to solve your inner fight.

"very often, i mean every couple weeks, i always have the same dream. it goes like this: i live in centeral new york state, between hudson and albany. I have a house in a small development, and have about 5 neighboors. but i always have a dream that i'm back on a hidden dirt path that i know that i've never seen before, and i feel like i'm being watched. this is a very uncomfortable feeling for me, so i start to walk down the path. it looks as if it hasn't been used in a while, so i figure that i'm really lost. then, suddenly, i hear a voice. it is coming form some nearby bushes along the path. the voice sounds at first like an old man in need of help, but as i approach it, the voice changes. it turns into an erie low voice, and growls. Suddenly, a big panther-like animal comes out of the bushes. i have no idea of which way to run, so i stop dead in my tracks as the panther circles around me. He begins to talk to me, but i can't understand him. Suddenly, i can understand him and he says "run, there isn't time to waste", and he begins to chase me. finally, i make it to an orchard that is in the real life next to my house. i'm running through it, and praying that the panther isnt going to get me. at last, i can see my house, and i turn back to see if the panther is there still, and he is right behind me still. with the last burst of energy that i had, i ran for my house, but when i got there, the doors and windows were gone. i always wake up right as the panther corners me....".

DREAMLAND: First you exploring a state that is new to you, its normal to be afraid at this moment. The old man symbolize wisdom so you must listen to him, he is your guide to the unknown new state that you have been visited. What is this new starte that you discover? the only one who can answer this question is you. may be you need to change the path of your life ?? the panther is your BIG fear. you scared to try new things and its shouldnt be that way. Once you stepped in the new path of life there is no way back - you cant go back to a safe place - your house and even when you reach it the doors and the windows are blocked. Dont be afraid to try new things there is no save way in life you have to take a risk, but not to be risk !!!

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