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Short Interpretation Of Dreams - Part 1

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Madeline`s dream:
"I had this odd dream awhile back...It started off that I was a monk in some monastery....and then I would leave the monastery and enter some other "house of worship" ....whether it be a temple or cathedral. In each place I would follow a clergy member around and when I would get close enough in a secluded location ...I would shed my skin from the previous clergy member and enter the body of the one I was following.

The last temple I was in....was very gothic. The carpet was red and the archways were high and magnificent. Many golden statues and ornate paintings and altars filled the temple in extraordinary decor. In this temple I was following an Asian woman. She was a very beautiful priestess of some sort. I followed her down a long spiral staircase. It was not well lit and she was holding a candle to see by. We entered the catacombs beneath the temple...and she knew I was behind her...she didnt look back at me but she just knew...and I knew she knew...yet I continued to follow...as if hunting my prey.

We passed a large inset in the wall....There was a statue of Mary holding baby Jesus....and it was at this point that she turned to face me. I then shed my skin and entered her....waking up very disoriented. I have no earthly idea what this dream meant. If anyone out there has any ideas please feel free to respond...in fact I am begging for insight. Thank you."

DREAMLAND: check your mail box the Interpretation is e-mailed to you. Here is a small part of the interpretation for the visitors: you are a very spiritual person (all the symbols of jesus, mary, monks...) and you looking for another spiritual than the christians (the part that you jump from monk to monk), and ofcurse you need a good guide toward your "spiritual tour" (symbol of the lady guiding you in unknown area).

D.T. :
"i dreamt that i`m sitting in my room and suddenly a black cat jumped and entered my room. i tried to get rid of him by scaring it and drag it out of my door but it was too quick and manipulative i just couldnt get rid of this anoying cat"

DREAMLAND: well you dreamt about a habit (i guess its a bad habit) that you want to leave behind you but you just cant.... try harder, and even more harder to understand what is this habit.

I was standing in front of a mirror. My left eye socket had no eye. In my hand i held a 'glass eye'. I looked in the mirror & tried to put the glass eye into the socket. It would not fit, no matter how i tried it. (At that time I was being deceived & didn't recognize it. I could not long accept a 'phony' person or teaching . It would not fit my destiny as a 'seer'.

DREAMLAND: This is the worst dream a person can have: you are blind to some things that the dream is trying to tell you, and even if you realize what is your big trouble you cant solve it because your `glass eye` doesnt fits. You didnt mention in you e-mail details about yourself so i cant help you more unless you will tell me more about your life when you dreamt it.

"I am in my school cafeteria and I am really mad at some snotty girl. It is really dark and she is making fun of me. I try to put some spell on her with my bead necklace.{Hey, it was a magical world.} She looked at me like I was an really disgusting person and walked off. I ran after her and I found one of my friends. She asked me a question that, to me, was really obvious. I began to laugh and walk down this hallway. It was dark, yet there was some light, like it was coming from the stars. Than I woke up."

DREAMLAND: school = knowledge, cafeteria = relax, the snotty girl disturbes you to relax or to get your self knowledge. she disturbes you again and again. you tried to stop her but instead you made a fool of yourself and even if you dont like this girl you need her - you ran after her. you want her to feel like you felt when she made fun of you. star lights = the urge to be stable and secure from changes. the girl can be some you know and have relationship with or apart of you - you are making an inside fight with yourself.

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