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Overcome Nightmares

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Nightmares and scary dreams are very useful tool that make us pay attention when something is wrong in our lifes, Its like an alert that make us be aware of our problems such as sickness, mental sadness, fears...

The nightmare is trying to teach us and give us wisdom or new insights about our lives, while we dream at night. The nightmare must be scary and shock us in order to make sure that we wont forget it, because if we do forget the scary dream, some serious dangerous can happen.

To heal yourself from nightmares you have to understand the nightmare by being aware of the problem in you daily life and in your dreams. You must face your fears (frightening and scary pictures within your dreams) and not trying to run away, that the only way you can heal yourself from nightmares.

You can also avoid nightmares by being more aware to little details, because if you ignore some little image in your dream, here and there they will gather together and than hit you big time. Or in other words: if you pay attention to the small messages in your dreams you wont need to pay attention to the big message - the actual nightmare.

We can look on nightmares as your deepest fears that symbolized by horrifying images and frightening dreams. If you being able to successfully face your fears instead of running away or ignoring them, then the nightmares will disappear or become regular dreams.

Nightmares that came to us when we dream, are your last chance to heal your problems in your real life. You can overcome nightmare by interpret them and especially interpret dream symbols, because the dream symbols are your fears. And of course you can cure nightmares by lucid dreams techniques - being aware that you in a dream and control its scenario.

Dreamland psychic \ Nightmare Dreams \ Overcome Nightmares

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