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Night terrors and nightmares

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They are several differences between nightmares and Night Terrors. When the dreamer is it the satge on night terror he is not fully aware of himself, and he cant be awaken that easily. while nightmares occur in the REM sleep, night terrors begining in the slow wave sleep - deeper sleep stage. When we have a night terror the fear is so strong, so we normally do not remember the frighten images of our dreams.

Infact Night Terror are not dreams at all. There is no script nor story that make you afraid, they are no dream images, only the pure emotion of the fear itself. During the night terror the scary feelings are so intense that the dreamer can remember his or her name, age, location and other details about themselves.

Night terrors seem to happen when the child is over-tired. He may have night terrors when he'd spent too much time playing computer games. Since the night terrors occur during the first part of the night, you can help disrupt the cycle by gently rousing your child about 15-20 minutes before the typical beginning of a night terror. We could set a clock by our kid night terrors, knowing he'd be about to stroll down to the bedroom. start gently waking him before the night terror occur, and the night terrors might vanish.

We've found that a lot of people believe that only children have night terrors and will tell you you're a freak if you have them. They're wrong. Night terrors are far more common in children but quite a few adults get them too. Things that can trigger Night Terror: emotional stress in the mornings, lack of sleep and high fever, and psychological problems.

Dreamland psychic \ Nightmare Dreams \ Night terrors & nightmares

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