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My First Experience With Lucid Dreams

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I always was fascinated by dreams since i was very young. I found there alot of answers and i became more aware of the power and the importance of dreams in helping the humans overcome troubles in the long path of life. But Lucid Dreams are more powerful and that i found out in the year 2000. I started to use some lucid techniques it was very hard at first, every learning is involved with long time of practicing, you have to be patient it doesnt come in one day, and also lucid dreaming has lots of level, that means: my first lucids were so short in time and even details ans also i didnt had lucid dreams every night just once for a while, but as times go by and i`ve became more expert in that field, the action last for long.

my lucid dream Experience In my first lucid dreams i felt the effect of paralyze sleep which was very scary for a beginner. This often happens between sleep and waking , you feel that you are awake but you cant move your body. You feel heavy and numb like an old tree, its also another way to out of body experience: you feel your soul getting out of the body. remember: its natural to feel that way in lucid dreaming, even if its scary, after this phenomena i took a long break to all the lucid dreams.

my first lucid dream After a period i continued lucid and enjoyed it again. Its like living in other world, surrealistic world, that why lucid dreaming can help lots of artist to draw in that style, and to other people who likes fantasy stories that created by them own and without doing dangerous things like taking drugs, if you in big problem in the dream world you can always wake up. Why to risk your life in bungy when you can have lucid dream about bungy?

My first lucid dream:

I was walking in the street when i saw a big indian coming toward me with a very bright knife. At first i was afraid and i ran to hide behind the bushes. At this moment it all started. i realized that i`m in a dream so i thought: "why should i hide from him? what will happened? what if he kills me? i can wake up any minute!!!", so i walked out from the bushes and went towards him with no fear. he was very tall had long hair but longer knife, than he cut me in the stomach. All the blood was flood the street.

One second after the killing. i found myself sleeping in my bed (i was still in inside the world of the lucid dream), but i felt paralyzed, i couldnt moved, i had the feeling that i`m dead and my soul is going to leave my body any second. and so it was: i felt the paradox between my numb and heavy body and between my flying soul that flies out of my body, i was flying, and i saw my room from the flying viewpoint. i couldnt stop, so i crushed at my window, which was closed (i dont want to think what would have happened to me if it was opened and my soul would fly in the big world and never find the way to my body).

So i fall to the floor (it was very painful) and than i start to crawl all the way back to my dead body, its was so hard to move like to run against tornado but i did it, i came back to my body, than i felt that i had enough so i made myself to wake up, it was hard because i was in a deep sleep, it took me 5 minutes to woke up! (to get the idea all the dream lasts 2 minutes...). I woke up almost screaming and i was sweat and couldnt go back to sleep again. But it was so real, and something i never did before therefor after this night i never stopped lucid and i keep lucid till this very day.

Dreamland psychic \ Lucid dreams \ My Lucid Dreams

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