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"Once we are Conscious, suddenly we can see where we are -- we are able to see our seeing, hear our hearing, touch our touching, and feel our feeling. With consciousness we can be where we are. Consciousness is the doorway through which we enter the dreamscape." - Charles McPhee

We spend one third of our lives sleeping. And we all dream. We all dream every single night. Our bodies shut down, and free of physical distractions, our minds take a journey into the dreamworld. You may think of a sleeping person as being docile, but far from it, a sleeper's brain waves during dream sleep are nearly as active as those during waking life. Our eyes dart about beneath the lids, looking around at the landscapes of our mind's own creation through which we wander. Every night we enter a vast environment of the mind, filled with possibilities. Unfortunately, not all of us can even remember this experience, and few of us are aware of what we are experiencing while we are there. What if, during this supposed "unconscious" state, we were aware of the fact that we were dreaming? What if we could explore our own minds at will during this state, taking advantage of our own, personal, 'virtual reality'? Lucid dreaming is a way for us to be aware of the extraordinary experience we are having during a dream.

Dr. Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. defines lucidity:
"While the dream is happening you are fully aware of the fact that you are dreaming, that the world around you is a creation of your mind, and that you are independent from it."

Below is an excerpt of an actual dream that I had in which I became lucid. If you haven't already had a lucid dream, this will hopefully give you a sense of what it is like. You may also want to look back at this later when you are working with exercises that deal with specific moments in the procurement of lucidity.

. . . I am at school. I'm walking around, but suddenly become confused when I can't remember how I got there. I don't remember waking up, getting in a car, or anything else until a few moments before. I recognize that this is very strange. I go up to my friend in the hallway and tell her that I can't remember how I got to school. She tried to rationalize the anomaly for me by saying that it happens to her all the time. However, I then decide that if I can't remember how I got to school, then I must not have come to school. Therefore, despite my surroundings, I must not be in school. I must still be asleep. I realize that I am dreaming. Then I am in a classroom. I realize that the people around me are not real, but I try to prove to them that I am dreaming anyway. I show them my watch, tell them to note the time, cover it up, and then show it to them again. The time has drastically changed in a few moments. Then I take a book off a nearby shelf, and read a passage from it. When finished, I reread the same passage, but the words have changed. These discrepancies, I tell them, could never exist in real life. Therefore, I must be dreaming. Satisfied that I have proven my case, I decide to go off in search of adventure. I get a running start and fly out the window . . .

People have been having lucid dreams throughout history, but they have only recently been proven and come to scientific attention. But why? Why do this? What importance does lucid dreaming have? If you have experienced it, you know that it is an exciting and monumental event. If you have not, you should perhaps listen to the words of those who have...

"a moment ago I thought I knew what was going on. I thought I knew what my world was and now I realize that everything I thought about it was wrong."
- Dr. Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D.

...and then experience it for yourself. And the tools you need to do so are right in your hands and in your own mind at this very moment. All you need to do is want to use them.

Dreamland psychic \ Lucid dreams \ Start Lucid dreaming

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