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Exercises After Your Lucid Dreams

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"If we listen patiently to our dreams and the messages they contain . . . they will eventually lead us to health . . . how much better to take advice from the other half of yourself than from another person."- Dr. Ann Faraday


Letting yourself remember your dreams can be a function of the moment as well as of practice and training. When you wake up, lie in bed without moving for a few moments, trying to remember your dream. Sometimes, being in the position we were in during our dream can help to trigger a memory that we might not otherwise reach. Even if you have moved after awakening, try to lie back down and find the position that you awoke in. Close your eyes. Try to remember what you were feeling and thinking at the moment that you woke up. What were you thinking about? What mood did you immediately awaken into? This information may also trigger a memory of your dream. Remember: the sooner you concentrate on remembering the details of your dreams, the more you will be able to find.

To help yourself remember details of a dream, you might want to visualize the remembered dream in your head. Closing your eyes and replaying the scenario in your mind may help you to see details and remember feelings that would otherwise be lost. No matter how much you recall, however, your dream will be of little use if you do not record it. As you learned earlier, you should record your dreams as soon as possible, including every fragmented memory.


In some books, you will find lists of dream symbols which supposedly tell you the exact meaning of your dreams. The truth is, however, that no one can interpret your dreams but you. No one else can tell you what your dream means. Each part of your dream means what it means to you, and nothing else. There are no set rules for interpretation. There are no books or dictionaries that will show you the meaning of a dream. You must unlock the meaning of your own dreams. There are many ways to help yourself do this. "Word association" can help you to find out what recurring dream symbols mean to you. You may want to devote a few pages in the back of your journal to interpretation.

Read through your old dreams and find things or situations that repeat themselves. For example, you might often dream about climbing stairs. Write down this word (or phrase) in your journal and look at it. Think about what it makes you think of and feel. Then write down everything that comes to your mind when thinking of this thing or situation. Some words that you write down just might surprise you. Reading over these lists can lead to a discovery of what these symbols mean to you.

If you are artistically inclined, you might want to draw a picture about this symbol. Don't just draw a recurring object, though. Be sure to include your feelings and things that, in your opinion, relate to this symbol. You could also cut out a picture of your symbol from a magazine or book. Pasting this into your journal might also help you in thinking about what it means to you. Discussion is another activity that can help you in deciphering your dreams. While no one can dictate the meaning of your dreams to you, talking about them with friends or family can be helpful. Someone may suggest something to you that you hadn't thought of before. Having others share their dream experiences with you may also open your eyes to new possibilities. Maybe someone you know also has dreams about climbing stairs. What does it mean to them? We all learn from each other.

There are no rules or laws to your dreams. Explore. Have fun.

Dreamland psychic \ Lucid dreams \ After Your Lucid Dream

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