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Interpret Common Dream - Test and Exams

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When you have a test in your dream, it simpley implies that you are been put to a test or someone or even you want to check yourself in the real world. You can dream that you cant answer the questions or that you dont have enough time to complete all your tasks, or being in other place while every other people are taken the test. all this visions can indicates that you are worried of failing the test, about your qualifications and selfesteem. It can also imply about pessimistic thoughts and trying to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario.

Sometimes the test dream can flood your real guilty thought and feelings above the surface. Its occur when you dont prepare yourself to the real tests in your life, or if you are too lazy or just want to avoid the real exams you have in your life. If you dream that you failed in a test it doesnt mean that you`ll fail in your real test. So dont worry about it too much, just be alert and conscious to where you standing.

After interviewing yourself about all the specific circumstances of the test dream, ask yoursel if theres is any situation in waking life that is analogous to the exam situation in the dream. Is there some test or challenge you must face, like the one in the dream, for which you are unprepared?

The waking test may have nothing to do with school. Most often it is a test you risk failing regarding someone close to you such as a child,a friend, or a spouse. Sometimes the dream relates to failing to keep up with obligations at work or obligations tp yourself.

people who have this dream once every week or two are living lifes in the fast lane and have an unhealthy schedule of constant deadlines that they can only meet with great difficulty and sacrifice. It feels like to lives lives where each day feels like an exam, and ask yourself if this is the way they want to be living. Some don't mind the feeling and others don't believe there is any other way to survive.

Richard Dream:

I continuously have a recurring dream that I am at college near then end of a semester and I don't know where my classrooms are, I have not done any work so I know I am going to fail. In fact I haven't gone to classes at all. In real life, I have graduated college and have been somewhat sucessful but yet I have had these dreams ever since college. It seems that something is unresolved in my head but I cannot figure out what.

Dreamland psychic \ Common Dream \ Test Dream

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