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Dreamland - Interpret Dreams, terms of use

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I made this website because i wanted to share the world with my knowledge in dream interpretating, lucid dreaming, OBE and astral projections. I hope i helped people to interpret their dreams, and to those that dont know what is "lucid dreaming" i hope they learned something from this website, and the expert lucid dreamers leraned few new things.

dreamlnad dream interpretation term of use My dream interpretations and personal opinions written in these pages and / or by e-mails are in no way to be considered as therapy or professional medical advice, its just a suggestions, but I sure hope it helps!

This site takes no responsibility of any damage coused to you by using the information on this site and / or by e-mails, which is only for learning and knowledge purposes. Further more, by submitting your dreams you agree that they will be publish (anonymously) here and / or at my dream analysis blog, some with interpretations and some without interpretations. Your e-mail address will be used only for dream interpret and newsletters updates.

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-dreamland - interpet dreams.

Dreamland psychic \Terms Of Use Dreamland - Interpret dreams

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