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Good Sleeping Tips

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Listen to your body clock, not your alarm clock:

We all need certain hours of rest; some people need more, some less. The fact that on weekdays many of us are woken up by an alarm clock means that we are interrupting our bodies efforts to get the amount of rest needed. Although it is quite impossible to change the time we need to get up in the morning, we can try to go to bed early enough so that we can get up in the morning without the help of an alarm clock.

Use your bed only to sleep:

The bed has become our society's second couch! We sleep, read, listen to music, watch TV, cry, daydream, rest and sometimes even eat in it. By doing so, we make our mind forget what a bed is actually for. If we get in the habit to use the bed exclusively for sleep, our mind will automatically say, "Hey, it's time to sleep" the moment we lay ourselves to bed.

Get up and go to bed at the same time:

To make your body get used to a certain rhythm, you should condition it by going to bed and getting up at the same time every day (also on weekends). Once your body has adapted to the rhythm, you will get tired at the same time every day and get up automatically every morning. Chances that you will have problems sleeping will be reduced.

Exercise in the morning and in the early afternoon:

sleeps and Exercise in the morning Apart from contributing to our health, exercise during daytime also improves the quality and quantity of our stage-4 sleep. A greater amount of stage-4 makes us feel fresh and relaxed the next morning. So get your sport shoes, because you now have another reason to exercise!
Don?t exercise in the evening- Although exercise is good for your health, it is not advisable to do strenuous physical efforts near bedtime. It would be as though your metabolism were still in fourth gear and programmed to "daytime activity", while you would want to be in a "Parking" gear.

Stop looking at that clock! Stop looking at that clock !

It is a well known and bad habit:
sleeping and looking at that clock for some reason you have problems falling asleep and instead of doing something good, you do the worst thing possible: you look at the clock on your bedside table - just to realize that another 30 minutes have passed! The worries created by knowing what time it is will just contribute to your sleeplessness. So next time when the clock is stealing your sleep, simply turn it around so that you cannot see the time.

No alcohol prior to bedtime:

No alcohol prior to bedtime Alcohol is known as a calming drug and many people use it as a sleep promoter. In fact, many English physicians used to prescribe older patients with sleep problems some alcohol. It may help you fall asleep more easily, but more than just about one gram of alcohol per kilogram of body weight, will negatively interfere with your sleep rhythm: Important Stage-4 sleep is decreased. The REM-Phases become shorter; our sleep seems more unstable and superficial.Getting up the next day is usually accompanied by the feeling of not having rested enough, better known as a "hangover".

Dreamland psychic \ Sleeps \ Good Sleeping Tips

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