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Sleep Paralysis

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seelipg paralyzed is natural body mechanism, that make sure that we dont perform body movement such as walking, running and throwing our limbs to every direction.

It is very important to sleep paralyzed in order to get a healthy and good night sleep, but sometimes we awake within the dream and feel that we cant move our body. In most cases of sleeping paralyzed we also have a dream or nightmare that match to the feeling that you cant move your body, such as dreams about someone is chasing you and you cant run away, dreaming that you are falling and cant stop it or dreaming that we are dead body that cant move.

Having rem paralysis is like the mind in awaken in the dream and the body is still asleep. We are consciousness to our dream because our mind wakes up before our body. Waking paralyzed is very common. You just have to stay calm, no one has ever stayed paralyzed, just try to wake slowly. Try to move the facial muscles and moving eyes from one side to the other. You can also go to sleep in a room that is not too dark in order to make you wake up more easly.

Sleepin paralysis can be annoying at times, but onceyou are in one, you just go with it. They tend to happen most when you are under stress, have a lot on your mind, and haven't been getting enough sleep. Caffeine consumption doesn't help either. Also for some reason, they tend to occur most often to people sleeping on their back.

Dreamland psychic \ Dream Research \ Sleep Paralysis

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