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Good Sleeping And Naps

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When tiredness sets in between noon and 4 p.m. , an occasional nap may be the right quick fix solution. Please note that a nap does not substitute a good night's sleep and therefore should not become a habit or be longer than an hour to avoid slipping into a REM sleep. However, instead of beating your tiredness by napping, try to find out if anything is interfering with the quality of your night sleep or if you lack quantity. Experts generally advice to avoid naps when possible but, if necessary, to do a 30-40 minute, so-called, "power nap."

Keep the bedroom dark, quiet, and cool. As the only way for our body to adapt to the ambient temperature while we enter deeper sleep stages is to perspire or activate our metabolism, we should be sure that our room is neither too warm nor too cold when we go to bed. Not doing so might strain our body, instead of giving it a possibility to rest.

Although our hearing senses are less sensitive during deep sleep phases, noise could disturb our sleep while we are trying to fall asleep or even might interrupt it during one of the few Stage-1-REM Phases we have every night, in which our senses are more sensitive to external stimuli.

Eat a light snack - not too much. Food with tryptophan, an amino acid, is thought to produce sleepiness. Some foods with tryptophan include milk, bananas, fish, and turkey.

sleep naps Donnt worry too much. If you can't fall asleep for quite a while, don't let it eat itself into your mind. Instead, stop trying and do some simple activity, like reading (but nothing too emotional or stimulating!) or listening to the radio.

Wake up at the end of a cycle. Each night we go through four stages of sleep which cycle about five times. Each cycle takes about 1-1.5 hours (varies from person to person) with its last stage being nearest to the state of being awake: the REM stage. Getting up during the REM stage is easier than getting up when in stage 2 (or even stage 3 or 4!). Although it needs some testing to determine the end of your last cycles and it definitely does not alter the amount of sleep you need, it might help you get up without moaning.

Try to rid yourself of any habits that may be keeping you awake as a start to improving your sleep quality as well. Nevertheless, sleep problems are not always necessarily linked to external factors, but are sometimes symptoms of deeper underlying problems which can only be resolved with professional assistance.

Dreamland psychic \ Sleeps \ Naps

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