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Dream Theories - Sigmund Frued

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Dream Theories - Sigmund Frued Sigmund Freud:" analysing dreams is a very useful and powerful tool in uncovering unconscious thoughts and desires. The purpose of dreams is to allow us to satisfy in fantasies and the urges that society make us to suppress."

"In this house on July 24, 1895, the Secret of Dreams was revealed to Dr. Sigmund Freud.' At this moment I see little prospect of it."

"Outwardly very little is happening to me, inwardly something of great interest. My self-analysis, which I consider indispensable in the elucidation of the whole problem, has continued in dreams over the last four days and provided me with invaluable information and clues... I cannot convey to you any idea of the intellectual beauty of this work."

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The Interpretation of Dreams: "For me this book also has a further and subjective meaning which I was only able to understand after its completion. It proved itself to be a part of my self-analysis, my reaction to the death of my father, that is, to the most significant event, the deepest loss in a man's life. After I had recognized this, I felt myself unable to cover the traces of this influence."

"It is a dozens of years since I myself had a true anxiety-dream. But I remember one from my seventh or eight year, which I submitted to interpretation some thirty years later. It was a very vivid one, and in it I saw my beloved mother, with a peculiarly peaceful, sleeping expresion on her features, being carried into the room by two (or three) people with bird's beakds and laid upon the bed. I awoke in tears and screaming, and interrupted my parent's sleep. The strangely draped and unnaturally tall figures withd birds' beakds were derifed from illustrations to Philippson's Bible. I fancy they must have been gods with falcons' heads from an ancient Egyptian funerary relief."

Dreamland psychic \ Dream Theories \ Sigmund Frued

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