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I heard the last son of an old man had died. Grief came upon the old man.
He didn't bury his son, he kept him under the bed canopy.
The elder called for many shamans, but they could not reanimate
his dead son. At last, the old man met the dream-shaman and asked him to bring his son to life.
The dream-shaman looked for the dead son, looked for him everywhere,
could find him nowhere. The shaman awakened and said to the old man:
shaman dreams - No, I could find your son nowhere! Give me beads, I will look for him in the distant star. The old man gave him beads. The shaman went to bed again, lay down next to the dead man, having said to the elder:
- I will sleep for three days, look out, don't touch me and don't wake me up!
The dream-shaman left for the distant star.
He got there and saw two
wolves sitting at the door. He asked them:
- Don't you have our man here?
- Here he is. He is fastened with nails to the bed.
The shaman came into the house and saw a nailed man. The master asked the shaman:
- Oh-o! What are you doing here?
- So, I am looking for our man, who is by your side.
- Yes, We have your man, but we won't give him back.
- No, give him back! If you don't give him back, I will put all of you with your houses down on the ground.
- We won't! You won't be able to put us down in the earth.
They began arguing. The master didn't want to give the man back. Then the shaman came out. He gave the wolves beads and said:
- Pull this dwelling down.
The wolves were happy to get the beads and started pulling the dwelling down.
When they got to the ground, the dream-shaman said to the master:
- Well, come and look at the ground!
The master came out. It turned out that he was really standing on the ground. He was taken aback. He spoke to the shaman:
- Take us back to the distant star. We will give you back your man.
- First give back the man and then I will bring you back!
The master agreed with the shaman and gave him the youth's body.
shamanic dreams The dream-shaman brought the youth home. The shaman and the dead man arose in exactly three days. The dream-shaman said to the youth:
- In summer, even if the sun shines brightly, don't leave the limits of the village! Look out! Once in summer, the sun shone brightly. The youth disobeyed the shaman's warning and left the edge of the village. An eagle attacked him from above and killed the youth. And now, he has perished forever:

He disobeyed the shaman.

Dreamland psychic \ Dream Folklore \ Shaman Dreams

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