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The Dreaming Brain

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Dreaming is highly involved in learning and memory. Dreams are quite often a reflection of your day memory. The protein-synthesis is highly active during REM so that why we often dream about things we did in the wake hours, thoughts and feelings. Lucid dreaming happens only in R.E.M. (=Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.

There are 5 levels of R.E.M. sleep: any time you going to sleep you passes automaticaly throw all 5 levels even if you dont have a lucid dream, it takes over 2 hours in everage. A typical night's sleep consists of a number of cycles lasting about 90 minutes in length. Each of these cycles is made up of four separate stages.

The Hypnagogic Phase - This stage is the transitory stage between closing our eyes and sleeping. This is a brief period where we have visions that aren't dreams but would rather resemble still images. These images often go unnoticed or are forgotten.

Stage 1 - During this period we are just falling asleep. Our heart rate begins to slow and our muscles relax. The EEG is irregular and lacks consistency of alpha waves that occur when we are awake and relaxed. The Myoclonic Jerk - It is not abnormal for a person during stages one and two of sleeping does a short convulsion of the body occur. Researches are quite undecided on this subject. Common views are that this occurrence marks a transition between these two stages and that your brain, noticing your heart and breathing rate decreasing more rapidly than normal, sends out a burst of electrical activity to your muscles.

Stage 2 - A deeper sleep than stage one. The EEG would show bursts of activity called "spindles", and an occasional sharp rise and fall in amplitude.

Stage 3 - Sleep becomes deeper and spindles disappear from the EEG. The spindles are replaced by long delta waves. The sleeper is more difficult to wake during this stage, but can be aroused by calling out a familiar name. Often times a loud sound, such as a door slamming, will be ignored.

Stage 4 - At this stage the sleeper enters "delta sleep" and will spend nearly 30 minutes in this stage.

When you in the final level your brain produce lots of R.E.M. and than you in the deepest sleep: at this moment you have biggest chance to have a lucid dream and to remember it:
Your brain is active while you sleeping: the alpha waves and the beta waves are now mixed and you can start to digging your "attics".

Your brain is always active even when you are sleeping, that why we need the dreams - its keep the brain active in our resting time, because when the brain stop activing for only 6 minutes you can get brain damage and die. "no dreams - no life". The brain is resting now - just like in a simple sleeping the only change is that you are aware of the unaware now your brain is in the twilight zone, which lucid dreaming take advantage.

All the dreams are stored in the memory section of your brain, lucid dreams open this pandora`s box and let you know what you got there. Note: simple dreams might have the same effect but lucid dreams are more powerful !!!

Dreamland psychic \ Sleeps \ Dreaming Brain

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