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Dream Types - Recurring Dreams

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One of the most important things in dreams is that they are a form of messages, that try to teach us something about our behavior, personality and other things we do in our lives. The main problem is that we usually forget them and therefore dont get their wise messages.

When we have recurring dreams, our brain indicate to us that we have a very important message and we should not disregard it. The dream will recurring until you will be conscious or aware to the signal. most of the time the form of a recurring dream is like a nightmare that will make you pay attention to them. Those dreams can recur daily, few days a week or even once in a month and usually deals with you most deep fears in your awaken life.

The recurring dreams can change their script from time to time but the main idea will not change, you must be aware of the dream`s path in order to over come your nightmares:

Deal with your fears, try to uncover the meaning for the scary dream symbols in your dreams. Be open minded and accept changes in your life in order to stop the recurring dreams Be objective to your dreams try not to interpretate them with your emotions Be patient, It`s take time to overcome recurring dreams.

example of recurring dreams by anonymous:

I've had probably 10 of these dreams all with the same location. they dont come everynight, but it's been at least twice each week for several months now.

Im in a great big house looking out the window, staring down at the most beautiful yard I've ever seen, the yard slopes down towards what I think is a lake. Half way down the slope or so is another building, rectangle, gray, some kind of pump house I believe, further down at the bottom of the slope is another house, I presume that I own it, well, in the latest dream (each dream of this recurring dream all have the same setting, but sometimes the characters change, or what happens in the dream changes, but they all take place at this same location), I walk down to the pump house and do something, I think i turn a wheel and turn something off, I then walk further down the path to the house at the lowest point on the slope to find people living in it, in this dream I know they shouldnt be there.

so I tell them to leave, I run around the house doing things, what those things are I cant really recall other than one specific thing of turning off the shower in the downstairs bathroom, which is at that point small enough to be a travel trailer shower, I also have conversations with these people, the people try to convince me that they do belong there, and I try and convince them that they dont, and try to get them to leave my house. It seems that the longest section of the dream is the talking part, but that is the least remembered part of any specifics. The end result of this dream was that I said I was going to call the police and have them forcibly removed, then I wake up.

On prior dreams in the same location (which I should mention does not resemble any place that I can remember visiting or living), I spent most of my time working in the garden areas, or just watching the sprinklers watering the yard, but never venturing into the lower house, at that dream I was afraid, on the most recent dream I was not afraid to venture into the house at the lowest point on the slope.

Dreamland psychic \ Dream Types \ Recurring Dreams

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