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Interpret Ocean Dreams

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The ocean is a place with alot of mystery. Its symbolize the need to explore new things, to travel in the world and having new experiences but, careful its also a dream that warn you about fears from the unknown: sinking in the ocean and aten by big fis. The sea can teach you alot about your nature: quiet like little waves that coming to the beach slowly, or a stormy and angry ocean that want to destroy everything in your way.

If you dream about the beach in can indicate that you need to relax in you life or to take a small break, like a vacation. When dreaming about the ocean, sea, or beach you should always pay attention to the waves. small waves symbolize relaxation and ballanced feelings, while big waves can be interpreted as emotional storm like fears, anger and jealousy.

If you dreaming about drowning in the ocean it mean that you cant cope with some aspects in your own life. The daily survivor is so hard that you have difficulties to float and keep you head above the water.

The ocean is the most mysterious place in the world, you dont know what is in the depth of the sea. Sea can indicates that you are unaware of some issues in you life, you try to ignore them and in the end they will float above the surface and can make you very frighten. The fear is usually symbolized by big waves, sharks and other underwater monsters.

Another interpretation of dreaming about the sea is relationships. the water symbolize the very first attachment between the baby and his mother. It very feminine theme that can indicated your emotional reaction to your closest people. To anaylize your feelings in the dream, try to find out if the water are clean or dirty, warm or cold. This will give you insight about your realtionships.

Dreamland psychic \ Dream Themes \ Ocean Dreams

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