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Interpret Common Dream - Naked

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When you dream that you are naked in a public place, it symbolize that you are afraid of being exposed. But to complete the dream interpretation we need to uncover the place where you dreaming about being naked. Most of the people dreams that they are naked in school, school is the symbol of knowledge, which means that we are concerned about our skills or our career.

They are also some naked dreams, where the dreamer is naked but other people in the dream can notice it, this tells us that the dreamer want to expose his thoughts, but no one want to pay attention to what he or she has to say.

Alternatively You may keep a secret that you will be very embarrassed if other people will know about it. and some times the naked dream can indicate strong feelings of shame. In our real life we wear clothes, with these clothes we can be who ever we like, we can dress fancy, slimply, like a rock star and even as a homeless. The key here is that we are actors trying to hide from the world our true personality. like a poor girl trying to dress like a queen in order to hide her poor lifestyle.

If you dont care about being naked within your dream it can symbolize that you are very liberal, open and honest with yourself.

Dreamland psychic \ Common Dream \ Naked Dream

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