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Self Dream Interpretation

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Be Aware:

Look for patterns and recurring themes in your dreams. If you don't "get it" the first time, your brain often sends you the same dream-message again. Many people experience recurring dreams, or even recurring nightmares. That's just your brain, trying to get your attention and convey an important message to you!

Character Representation:

Try viewing each character in the dream as an aspect of yourself. For example, if there is a "devil" in the dream, see what happens if you view that character as "the devilish/destructive part of myself". Even if the character is someone you know "in real life" try using this technique. Instead of your mother, maybe the character represents the motherly part of you, or a part part of youthat is like your actual mother.

Keep It Simple:

Explain your dream in the simplest, most basic terms as possible. Pretend that you are explaining it to a Martian, who needs you to define almost every word. So for example, if your dream involved a car, imagine that a Martian doesn't understand what a "car" is. You must explain that a car is a device you use for transportation--to get from one place to another, to move forward. You may besurprised by the meanings that are revealed!

Role-Play In The Dream:

Try role-playing various dream characters. Some people find it helpful to imagine that they have returned to the dream, and then they engage dream characters in imaginary conversations. So if you dreamed about a mysterious shadowed figure, you might question the figure, asking, "Who are you?"..."Why do you hide yourself from me?"..."Why have you come to me?"...

Talk About Your Dreams:

Share your dreams with others, and get their input. Again, do not accept friends' interpretations unless they feel right to you, giving you an "aha!" feeling of recognition.

Dreamland psychic \ Dream Interpretation \ Self Interpretation

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