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OBE - Out of Body Experience and lucid Dreams

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To induce a lucid state is to relax while keeping the mind alert and it is necessary that the conscious mind lets go and allows the subconscious mind its freedom to roam. There have been cultures that have used natural herbs to help relax the mind and achieved these altered states of heightened senses while finding the stillness and peacefulness in the mind.

There are a number of methods that are practised, to help the conscious mind to let go of the subconscious, such as concentration, firstly focalising on a small reflective surface, such as a crystal or a silver coin or alternatively concentrating on and looking into the flame of a candle, while allowing the eyes to eventually go out of focus and the mind to empty while at the same time counting backwards in the mind from 400, by the time one gets to 350 or so, a sense of relaxation and slowly a loosing of the more conscious side of the mind can be achieved, one then closes their eyes and allows themselves to feel and concentrate on their breathing, taking in deep revitalising energy and allowing the conscious mind to slip away while exhaling, by this time there is no need to continue with the counting and when it feels right to stop, then do so.

lucid dreams and OBE Next begin to sense yourself from within the body, feel your heart beating, then feel yourself becoming smaller and smaller within yourself until you slowly go deeper and deeper within and then slowly expand yourself outward, keeping your eyes closed begin to look through your eye lids out into the room that surrounds you, while remaining relaxed, then expand yourself into the whole room allowing your mind to move out and fill the room, allow the spirit to be free to experience beyond the normal perceptions, you may experience feelings of floating and blissful energies, allow your spirit to glide outward without having any fear as all retune safely to the body.

Like dreams many out of body experiences are not remembered and are far less common than dreams, but there are ways by which we might know if we have ever had a out of body experience and most of us have at some point in our lives. It is far more common for children to have an O.B.E. than it is many adults, but those adults that have O.B.E. become accustomed to going out and coming back within the body, even if they are not consciously aware of doing so, or of ever having had an O.B.E. whereas children are not so practised and although they freely travel out of body they are sometimes not so practised at a good at re-entry and tend on occasion to come back within the body at to great a velocity and this in is self has an effect that many of us may have experienced especially as children and possible remember.

If you can remember ever having the feeling of suddenly being woken up from your sleep with a shock, with the feeling that you have just fallen through or out of your bed, but in fact you have not, then you have most probably had an O.B.E. and experience the spirit returning to quickly. This happens when the spirit comes rushing back within the mortal body at to fast a rate and what happens is that it comes back with a thud and as the spirit comes slamming back in and is stopped by the material being, but the feeling is one where we feel as though we have suddenly fallen and it is the spirit landing with a thud and almost going out the other side of our body that gives us this experience, it has a startling effect on us and usually immediately wakes us up with quite a shock. As time goes on we or the spirit generally learns and become more practised and controlled in its return to the body and as we get older we may not venture out of body so frequently as we might as children.

lucid dreams and obe Among those who have had a more conscious lucid experience or vision, there are those who have had O.B.E's where they have an out of body experience, where sometimes they can rise up high into the air or it can be an experience where they are free to roam near to their body. Others can travel further afield and at times find not only loved ones who have passed over, but also at times they may have contact with their own spiritual guides while out of body. There is no need to ever fear having an O.B.E. we can come to no harm, nor will we get lost and not be able to return to our mortal body, we are all attached to the physical body by an invisible cord which will not break until death occurs, some call this cord the silver thread or cord and as soon as the mortal body begins to wake or come round within meditation the spirit is drawn back to the physical body and as we wake we may experience more consciously the out of body experiences.

The silver cord itself has a few functions, firstly it acts as a tether between the mortal body and spirit and maintains a connection between the spirit and mortal host during any form of out-of-body-experience which can also include N.D.E's (Near Death Experiences). Not only will the silver cord assure that we will not get lost and that we will also always return to the mortal body, it also maintains the mortal life while the spirit is out-of-body, as there is no life without spirit being present we would die instantly the spirit travelled out of body if the silver cord did not exist, as it also serves to keep a small spiritual presence within the mortal body to sustain our mortal life and the cord with not sever until death occurs and even then not until resuscitation is no longer possible. Those who have a NDE's can also find themselves out of body and the cord acts and maintains a link for a time with the deceased body, which allows for resuscitation, if it did not and severed at the instant death occurred no matter what was done to try to resuscitate a life here it would fail as the spirit would not have the connection to return, that connection being the silver cord.

Dreamland psychic \ Dream Phenomenas \ OBE & Lucids

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