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Hypnogogic Images - driftting slowly to the world of dreams

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Between being awake and falling asleep, your mind enters the hypnogogic phase. In this stage you begin to lose touch with the world around you without showing the physiological stages of sleep. Pictures form inside our heads like still photographs and although you may have never noticed them, they are there.

If you think you have never experienced this phenomenon, you will probably recall a time when you were listening to a song. Not a song from the radio, but on playing inside your head. You can actually hear the song playing, but once you become aware of this, it escapes you. Becoming aware of these images is extremely difficult, mostly because once we can see we are becoming aware we get excited and drop out of it.

Hypnogogic Images In Dreams

So the skill we need to try and develop is to remain relaxed and stay under control while you enjoy these images. The main element to gaining control over these images is to watch the process as it unfolds. Let yourself drift off to sleep while allowing a part of your mind to watch the process unfold. This tends to lead to prolonged periods of wakefulness in the beginner, so you shouldn't try this every night unless you can afford to lose some sleep. A lot of people put too much energy into watching these images, so keep your eyes relaxed. Sometimes in the beginning stages we mistake pictures from our own imagination for hypnogogic imagery. But this is a conscious effort, just like we would imaging something during the day. The point that has to be made about a hypnogogic image is that it just suddenly appears, and there is no mistaking between it and something you put there consciously.

When you realize that something has appeared, don't get too excited, and don't try to hold onto it or prolong it. Just let it appear and go away. This process usually takes a bit of practice. As in most lucid dreams, if you don't remain calm it will probably disappear. Do not think that by observing the hypnogogic images that you are somehow creating this state. It happens every night to every one of us, the only thing is that most of us don't pay attention or aren't aware of them. After a few of these images, you will probably drift off to sleep.

Dreamland psychic \ Dream Phenomenas \ Hypnogogic Images

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