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Interpret House Dreams

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When the dream`s scenery is the dreamer`s house or even street it means that he is dreaming about the people and the events that surrounds him/her in daily. For example: If you dream about frighten monsters that can indicate on domestic problems, even your room have special symbolism: Its your own soul, thought, feeling and urges and if you will explore carefully this house areas you will know more about yourself.

Pay attention if its clean, messy, big, small, if you have doors and windows and how many, this is how you connect yourself to the out world. The most Important thing: Do you feel comfortable in your room? I hope you do, otherwise you will need to do some changes or completely leave it and find other house or room.

Similar to your house dream you can dream about castles, most of these dreams happens when you are afraid so you close yourself from the out-side-world. It can also symbolize feelings of being locked, like in prison, and you want to break throw - to expose yourself to the big world.

A guided tour to your house and mind within your dream:

An attic or bed room in your dream symbolize your spirituality, the bathroom the urge to clean yourself from bad habits or experiences and start a new charpter in your life. The supply for your new chapter is symbolized in the dream by the kitchen room. In the dinning room you have the chance to use those life`s components and create another future for you or your family and friends. Than we go to the living room in your dream, the room we socialize and interact with other people. here you can test your relationships with them but especially what do you think about different sides of your own personality.

Dreamland psychic \ Dream Themes \ House Dreams

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