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Dream Theories - Frederick Perls

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Frederick Perls is the first person that used Gestalt therapy, frederick thought that the symbols in the dream is the dreamer himself, or in other words: all the images in the dream are part of the dreamer`s thoughts, feelings, mind, and even part of his body. For example: If you dream about table, apple and clock the table is your body the apple is your soul and the clock is your brain. and you need to figure why these specific items symbolizing yourself.

Fritz Perls introduced into gestalt therapy the technique of having the dreamer take on the role of every person and thing in the dream. In doing so, dreamers will almost without exception make some use or other of their everyday metaphor systems, but the power of the therapeutic technique is not in the use of the metaphor system per se. As with poetry in a foreign language, you will need to use a dictionary, but the poetry is far more than what is in the dictionary.

Dreamland psychic \ Dream Theories \ Frederick Perls

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