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Interpret Forest Dreams

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Most of the dreams are taking places in the forest, close to nature, this is one of the things that hasnt changed in the evolution process - love of nature. The nature is our home like it was the home of the early mankind.

When you dream about forest as a part of nature it doesnt always means you want to travel or symbolize your path in life, most of the time its like your house, in other words: in the forest dream scenery you dream about the routine of your life as your old civilization lived: hunting, running biuld caves... these "old memories" locked in your brain, and the dream is the key...

as i mentioned before, trees in the dream can be interpret as your life. all earth creatures get their life from the trees: a place to hide, nest and as a food provider. So when its come to dream about forest you have to pay close attention about the condition in which the trees are represent to you. if the tree is young, fresh and its summer, you will have new starts in your life. on the other hand if the trees are old or broken that can symbolize end of some eras in your life.

The roots of the trees in the forest dream symbolize your ground, is it steady or not ? if the tree is completely broken and out of the ground, it can be interpreted as spiritually falling down and mental obstacles in your path of life.

If you hide between trees its mean that you hiding thought or deeds from people in your awaken life, and its also the same case when you dream that you are lost in the forest. sitting under the tree can symbolyze wisdom, and if you sit on the top of the tree with all the birds, its only because you want to see your life or problem in wide picture, to get comprehensive look on your life.

Dreamland psychic \ Dream Themes \ Forest Dreams

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