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Interpret Food In Dreams

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We all eat during the day, so there is no wonder that we will take our food experiences to the dream world. Dreaming about food can symbolized our physical state such as pleasure, pain and also if we eat too much, or if we have lack of food, these thoughts stored in our subconscious and revealed to us during the night when we are dreaming.

You can learn alot about your nutrition form dreaming. Your dream can show you what kind of food missing in your body, or if you eat unhealthy meals and even if your body fighting on a new disease.

On the spiritual side, dreaming about food is connected to sensual acts. when we eat we use all our senses. fruits that looks like body parts can symbolized the art of making love. If you dream that you are hungry or deprived food, it can be interpreted as deprivation of your needs. and if you eat too much, you cant control your self and have to satisfy all your desires.

Eating is also a part of realtionships in every culture. so the way you eat in your dream, can predict the way you play your social game in the daily life. Do you eat alone or with other people ? how do you feel about your meal partners ? To dream of eating alone, signifies loss and melancholy spirits. To eat with others, denotes personal gain, cheerful environments and prosperous undertakings.and all sort of this issues can become very vivid in our dreams.

Dreaming about cooking symbolize the need to control people, like a food provider in the real life, the control over the other people can be also mind control - to try to convince them with your believes. If you dream that someone carries away the platter of meat before you are done eating, it foretells that you will have trouble and fear from those beneath you or dependent upon you. The same would apply to a waiter or waitress.

Dreamland psychic \ Dream Themes \ Food Dreams

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