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Interpret Common Dream - Flying

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We all dreams about flying: touching the stars, fly with the birds and getting good view on the great landscapes from the top of the world. In the real life we dont have wings, and we cant conquer the skies within seconds (unless we are combat pilot). This is way the flying dreams show us the urge to break our limits, to be free. The flying dream also symbolize the wish to use your mental abilities and look on your life in other view or perspective, instead your physical body.

Most of the flying scenarios taking place at the sky where it symbols spirituality, peace and new hope for upcoming events in the dreamer`s life. In some dream cases you can actually find your spiritual guide in the sky, in the shape of angels, fairies or birds. You have to listen very carfully to their wisdom words, and let them guide you to the path of life.

When you dreaming about flying, your clear vision can be interrupted but rain, darkness, fogs and even clouds. This means that your are dragged down to your real life limitations and you want to overcome those stumbling-blocks. And this is also the case when you dream that you try to fly, but no metter how hard you try, you just cant lift your self from the ground.

And of course if you dreaming that in the middle of the flying dream you falling down, This can indicates fear of failure and getting out of control.

Flying is the most desirable dream. Dreamers that practice Lucid Dreaming (dreaming where you become aware that you are in a dream) tells that flying in a dream was their best lucid dreaming expirence. And ofcourse we cant blame them, ever since the mankind looked to the sky he wanted to be there!

Dreamland psychic \ Common Dream \ Flying Dream

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