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Interpret Common Dream - Falling

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When you dream about falling out, it can indicate fear of failure or loss of control. In falling dreams, we normally dont choose to fall. It happen us as an act of getting out of control. And this is why the main interpretation of falling dream is feelings of being terrified from something and lack of control over those feelings.

The falling dream usually occur just when we start to sleep, when our body transforms from the active phase to the relaxing phase. In this stage they are some physical changes in our brain waves, breath and blood pressure, that can give us the real excitement of being falling down.

Some even says that the falling dream is a part of the human evolution. When the mankind were in a form of the primal apes. Its was a death sentence for an ape to fall off the trees, because the hight of the trees and other carnivores that waiting to eat them on the ground. Millions years of evolutions changed our body and even our mind, but the primal fears of survival are still hunting us in the falling dream.

The myth about falling dreams is that you will hit the ground and die in your sleep. This is ofcourse not true. And you can also overcome this falling dream like the Senoi, a dream sharing tribe in Malaysia, tell their children who dream of falling to turn the falling into flying. The trick, they say, is to understand that, in our dreams, there is no bottom. That's all flying really is anyway, just falling without ever hitting bottom.

Dreamland psychic \ Common Dream \ Falling Dream

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