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OBE - Travel Out Of Your Body

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The Indians of North America, travelled out of body on their vision quests and experienced vision and often had experiences of shape shifting and becoming other forms especially animals, as they were an important part of their lives and they often believed that they had animal spirit guides that watched over them often as a helper and protector.

indian lucid dreams and obe Most lucid dreams are thought to happen whilst in stage four of sleep REM (rapid eye movement). More recently there has been a good deal of research in this field, where those who have had regular O.B.E. are tested and ask to view and later describe what they have seen, for instance, a piece of paper might be put on a high shelf, where a set of numbers may be placed on it and the dreamer is asked if they can rise up out of the body and go to the high shelf and see what is there. This has had some success, but it can be hard for those having an out of body experience to control where they wish to go. Remote viewing is another form as astral travel, where it is sometimes possible to travel consciously to other locations, this also has been tested with some success, where individuals are given a map location and asked to describe what they can see there, at times these descriptions have been very accurate.

Those who are more experienced may be able to control their experiences and can find themselves having regular O.B.E's. where they can at times find themselves floating up toward the ceiling then often turning over to look down on their sleeping body, at other times it is possible to move around ones home from room to room and it is possible that others may be seen that are also out of body or that those already in spirit might be present. Being able to pass through doors and some other solid objects is another thing that is possible.

lucid dreams obe There has also been research into why some fighter pilots, racing drivers and others who are involved in both high speed and high concentration levels do at times seem to move out of body and can find themselves looking in at themselves from outside the cockpit, I would put this down to a number of elements, (1) They are in a very altered state of concentration that takes 100% of their attention (2) doing such an activity is very exciting and there is an element of extreme danger and the spirit sense of self preservation is very active or what is called the self is very present and aware and the spiritual self is very at one and in harmony with both mind and body thus allowing for quicker reaction especially to danger (3) The body is releasing highly levels of endorphins and adrenaline, these three factors together would give an altered state of perception and may well cause an OBE to be possible and at times experienced through completely natural means. Put basically it is the spirit high and excitement along with the oneness with the spiritual self that causes these experiences.

Out of body experiences most frequently occur naturally just before we wake up, but they can happen as we go to sleep and during the night and is thought to be connected with the process and state of the mind while we are in sleep. The truth and it is generally agreed that dreams do have meanings, interpreting them is not always so easy. There have been those in the past that have told of having visions given to them while they sleep foretelling the future, today there are still many that are given premonitions while they sleep of events to come and these premonitions are often coming and being given by spirit interacting with us within our dream state. We do not call these dreams visions so much these days, we call them Lucid Dreams.

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