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Dream Interpretation By Questions

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How am I, the dream ego, acting in this dream?
(aggressive, assertive, passive, active, etc...)

What are the various feelings/emotions in the dream?
(both "mine" and thoseof other characters...)

What is the context of the dream?
(What is going on in my liferight now?)

In the dream, who are the main characters?
Who (or what) is the adversary?
Who (or what) is beingwounded?
Who (or what) is being healed?
Who (or what) is my companion?
Did I dream of actual people, or imaginary people?
Could the characters all be different aspects of myself?

What are the outstanding features or symbols in the dream?
(For example: flood, animals, house, etc.) How might these features relateto me, my emotions, or my personality? How does the dream as a whole relate to my personality?

What are the main actions in the dream?

What would I like to avoid in the dream?

What does the dream want from me? What actions might it be suggesting that I consider?

Does the dream trigger any memories? Do any of the elements of the dream relate to my past? Why might this part of my past becalled to my attention now?

Does the dream trigger any further questions?

Why did I need this dream? What is its positive message for me?

Dreamland psychic \ Dream Interpretation \ Question Interpretation

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