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Miss.S: Dream about sex.
In my dream I was in my room, and my cute friend (girl) and was hitting on me. I was very frightend and did not want to carry on. she presisted, and I complied. we carried on.. and I discovered she has 2 penises. I am frightened.. I dont know why I dreamt of this or why I didnt stop it .. what does it mean ?

Interpet sex dream: You didnt indicated if you are male or female, but from your name "miss s" i guess you are female so i will interpret it acording to it (if you are male the dream interpretation is almost the same.)

To dream that you having sex as an act of homosexuality but in real life you are not like this, means that you want to be complete with all your personality aspects, it symbolize self acceptance. In your dream you feel uncomfortable with this act, so you might be fear about your feminine side. you also might feel insecure about some aspects of being a woman and with relationship with men.

Your dream doesnt mean that you want to have sex with your friend or even try something with her, she is just representing your feminine side in your personality, and as far as i can see, you might feel that you are not woman enough - represented by the two penises.

To sum up, your dream tells you that you are afraid of "becoming a man" or to lose some aspects of being a woman. I n order to overcome those feelings you must be honest with yourself.

If you have further questions, dont hesitate to mail me again, Have great dreams,
Dreamland :)

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Dreamland \ Interpret Dream Diary Project

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