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Dream Diary Project: Interpret Dream Pregnancy

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Ok,some random person was pregnant. Then,somehow, her pregnancy became my bestfriends. Then,somehow, the pregnancy became mine.I had the baby and it was a girl. My bestfriends(one who was pregnant) mother came to the hospital.I know of her but I don't know her,I have never even met her.

She came in my room with the baby and said,"what are we gonna name her?How about Maciah?". And I said,"No,how about Kai"(pronounced like tie with a k) (Maciah and Kai were names me and my older cousin was talking about earlier the day of the dream).And it was like she didn't hear me. She took the baby to her and my bestfriends house. Later,in days or something(dream days),I went to their house. My bestfriend was there but her mother was not. I said (to my bestfriend),"I'm gonna take her with me for a couple days".

I felt the baby and noticed that she was really wet, so I took some of their pampers. I took the baby to my house. My mom looked in my room,then walked out. I went in her room and she said,"Why would you bring that baby here?". I just looked at her. Then she said, "It's some pampers under there (tv stand)". I took the pampers and walked out. Then sometime later in the dream,after a period of noting happening,I was walking with 2 of my other bestfriends.We were walking by a park in my aunt's apartment complex.1 of my friends was farther ahead than me and the other,who were walking together.I was holding a small box and it was closed.It was not big enough for a baby to fit in but I think the baby was supposed to be in there.A car drove by slowly.I told my friend,"If I ever get shot,guard my baby with your life.

"I then started to write it on the box when another car drove by slowly and started shooting.I didn't look back,just started to run.I seen a bullet flying in the same direction I was running,dead in front of my face.I then knew my bestfriend was shot.Me and the other one ran to my aunt's apartment.The man had gotten out the car and was still shooting.My friend told me to go drag my other friend to the porch,where we were now standing.I said no and we just banged on my aunt's door and then the dream ended.(Sorry it's so long)(I was also still holding the baby?)I'm young but I love babies and I think I want to have one but I don't have a boyfriend.

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Dreamland \ Interpret Dream Diary Project

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