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Dream Diary Project: Interpret Dream Pregnancy

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I don't remember the whole dream, but what I remember of it was that I was about 7 or 8 months pregnant, wearing a stretchy bright orange singlet top, and track pants. I came out of my room from sleeping and walked into the kitchen to hug my mother, which is what I usually do in the mornings.

She noticed my bump and asked to feel, I was okay with it, and she placed her hand on the top of my belly. She told me I have an energetic child, and we smiled. She then place her hand on the bottom half of my belly and started massaging it, and she told me I would have no problem giving birth. My mother is a spiritual person, and does give the odd readings every now and then.

I'm nearly 18 years old and until this year I had a terrible fear of falling pregnant, due to my mother nagging me about having children in my future and I've always felt like I'm being forced to have children, and I was constantly having dreams about being pregnant and giving birth and they were all a bit the same. 5 months ago, I had a very odd and twisted dream about falling pregnant and it made me change my mind about wanting children, since then this was my first dream of being pregnant. Even though it wasn't a twisted dream, it was different to the usual ones I used to have. I'm just curious about all this.

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Dreamland \ Interpret Dream Diary Project

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