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Dream Diary Project: Interpret Dream Old House

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I am a 16 years old girl, i live a material life. I have my good days and my bad days. I have only a few friends, ( no boyfriend, havent had since kindergarten) but i love those dearly. I spend my spare time with my friends, its not that we do actually do anything, but we have the greatest time doing nothing. I love music, not that play anything, i just listen. Music is something that i feel can take me away for periods of time, and Michael Jackson has become a big influence on my life. My parents are amazing, i love them to death. We get in fights now and then, but i dont think we fight as much as my friends and there parents. They have a big impact on my life, and i feel like i never want to move out of the house, and away from them. I dont know what i want with my life, and in truth, i dont think i really want to do anything.

My old house dream:

I am standing in front of this big old fashioned house. It reminds me of something from the 50's. The left side of the house, is full of life. There's a riwer flowing right next the house, running as far as i can see. The threes are very green, and the grass also. But even though no trees are dead, a few of the leaves are flowing from the threes, flying down the riwer. The left side of the house is painted a faing yellow/egg kind of color. And the front gareden is adorned in different kind of flowers i dont know the name of. But my eyes flicker the right side of the house, which seem almost dead. Its falling apart, and is all gray, there is no color on the left side. The few threes and plants there, a dead or long gone. And on the left side, where the sky was a beautifull light blue, the left side sky is just grey. I go inside the, and there is only one big room, with shelves evertwhere on the walls, and on thoseshelves, there a the mayoneese glasses (jams). The house is still divided,m the left side is beautiful and clean, and the left side is worn and gey.

I go the left side, and pick uo on of the jams, and what i see in the jam, is a dream. Two kids are playing on a playground, and i realize that all the jams are filled with dreams, and the clean and beautiful side is the good side, and the dirty, broken and grey one is, well, the evil side. But my curiosuíty draws me to the righ side of the house, the grey one. And i pick up a jam, and open it. I am suddenly thrown into a nightmare, i cant remember the nightmare, just that i am terrified, and wants to go back to the house. Suddenly i am back at the house, and i put the nightmare in the jam back on the shelf, and move the left side, the beautiful side. I pick up the same jam as before, the one with the kids playing on the playground. I open the jam, and i am gently moving into the dream, and suddenly i am running around on the playground playing with the kids. Running around between threes.

I have always wondered what my dream meant, ever since i have called my dream 'The Dream House' the place where you can choose your own dreams.

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Dreamland \ Interpret Dream Diary Project

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