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OBE - Out of Body Experience

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What is an OBE and how does it differ from dreaming? An OBE is quite different from any of the other dream experiences. The only difficulties is studying these phenomenons, since no one has had one under the study of a dream psychologist. It is similar to lucid dreaming only in the fact that consciousness is present. It is not uncommon to see the body, as we drift upward and out of it, sleeping upon the bed. Most everyone has heard of people who have been clinically pronounced "dead" but then return to their body. This is referred to as a NDE or Near Death Experience. These two are quite similar except for the fact that during an OBE you aren't clinically dead and neiter are you even close to death.

dream obe Many don't acknowledge that OBE's even exist. Those who do believe in them say there is another part of us called the "astral body." This astral body is and energy that surrounds our body, but during an OBE it separates from the body, although it does not disconnect. If the astral body is disconnected from the physical body altogether it is referred to, a term used more commonly, death.

Now that you know this don't think you can't ever go to sleep again, very few dreamers are ever able to get to this state, so don't think for a second that you can die from dreaming. In a normal OBE, one not associated to a near death experience, it is said that the spirit simply departs from the body for a short time. The astral body may not even leave the room. However, speed is sudden, thinking of a place you would like to be would cause you to go there almost instantaneously.

out of body experience Unlike lucid dreams, a person who is experiencing an OBE will sometimes hear a loud roar, described as the sound of a speeding train, a howling wind, or a thundering waterfall. What is happening is that as the astral body lifts from the physical, the energy level is raised suddenly, like a burst of power and since the body is still connected by a thin line of astral matter, this is transferred to the mind as "sound." Nevertheless, once the astral body reaches it's higher vibratory frequency level, the sound disappears, through the sensations of speed, enhanced clarity of vision, sound, and sight take over. The main point is that there is no mistaking a lucid dream for an OBE and you will know, when you wake, if you have had an Out of Body Experience.

As mentioned in O.B.E's. one does not necessarily have a physical form and it is possible to consciously travel out of body and there are a number that seem to be able to travel out not just into there immediate surroundings but are able to venture out into other more spiritual realities and dimensions, this is in part a coupling of both astral travel and lucid dreaming and generally happens in dream or sleep state. Sometimes it entails going outward into the greater vibration that exists all around us or within the universe or travelling through a vortex or portal into other dimensions. If this happens there is usually a guide of some kind although they may not be seen or noticed and the one thing that spirit guides do need before they can make themselves known to us, is that we ask for their help and that they would come to guide us on our journeys. In these lucid states the mind is able to be set free to experience and as practised by many cultures in the past many new experiences can be discovered, one thing to make the most of it that one needs is an open mind and willingness to try.

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