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Joe: Dream About "Crush"
this is one of many about her - i thought id post this as its the most recent i`d be very grateful for some insight in to this dream and id be happy to answer any follow ups.

it was a rather scattered dream but ill try to describe it - i was having this party at my house (which was quite bizarre because it was like a kids birthday party setup really, dunno who it was for - probably me) but somehow she was invited along with a mutual acquaintance (i guess to be used as icebreaker but i dont remember inviting but i just remember knowing they were invited) i remember seeing a car pull up the road outside my house and she was wearing a powder blue jumper, i got quite excited at that point and thought how great it was - then in typical fashion i woke up, thought maybe there was something in the fact that the clock was on 5:55 as a child i often had dreams about getting the material things i wanted but always waking up before i actually got them so this one follows the pattern.

Interpret crush dream: To dream of attending a party of any kind for pleasure, you will find that life has much good, unless the party is an inharmonious one.

Blue represents truth and openness. so you might want to know the true feelings. the powder blue jumper is the way which she hide her true feelings from you. it also has a paradox: jumper is warm and blue represnt coldness. so you dont know her true feelings about you.

kids birthdays are always has something to do with the fragile ballance of innocence and adulthood. on the one side you are innocence kid with pure feelings, and on the other side you grow up (symbolize by a birthday party), and you understand the complete issues in life.

If she is in your birthday that mean you want her to be apart of your life, but it can also indicate that you want her for long term relationship - to grow old together, and maybe some day have kids together and arrange them a great birthday party so its not only little crush. Her car symbolize her path of life, which you want to cross with your path.

5 is the number of change. but its goes both ways: a change by telling her your feelings or change in your mind, which meaning forgetting her.

i hope anything will sort on the good side for you,

-thank you very much for this i wasnt honestly expecting a reply!!!
The use of the speech marks around "crush" was me kind of saying i could think of better ways to put it because ive been like this for a while and have been held back by complications and anxiety.
thanks again

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