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Dream Diary Project: Interpret Dream key and rail

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Danielle: Dream about key and rail
I dreamt of a slightly rusted antique skeleton key and also an antique railroad nail, with the number 35 on the head. Each has a dark and matte patina. I actually have these two pieces in real.

As I recall, there was someone standing next to me, as I held the key and nail in my hands. The only visibility I had was from the chest, down to mid-hip, of the other person and I. It was daylight…

I was showing the pieces to the other person, who I recall as a male. He wanted me to give him the pieces, but I would not.

Interpret key and rail in a dream:
Hello Danielle !
Dreaming about old key can be interpret as your wish to unlock or find new path in your life which is also symbolized by the railroad nail. The problem with a railroad is that it has only one way, you cant find new direction because the train cant get of the rails.

For example: when you drive the car you can decide where to go because the roads are more flexible. Your eye sight also was uflexible as you didnt saw all the body parts of the man standing near you.

It may symbolize that you little worry about having a change and to give the man your old way of living, or in other words: to free yourself from habbits and thoughts that holding you from the past - symbolized by very old key.

the number 35: 3 - completeness, 5 - change. you must be complete with yourself before you make a change in your life.

I hope you will have great dreams,
Dreamland :)

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Dreamland \ Interpret Dream Diary Project

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