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My dream starts out in a lobby of a hotel. I notice about 5 guys, 2 of which are twins, from my winter track in that lobby but is soon brought into a dark room where i have to lay down. 2 of the 5 guys are lying next to me really frightened. I am confused but soon understand because a guy with a black mask covering his face comes up to me with a razor. I am so scared about how much it hurts but when he cuts my mouth and legs i feel nothing and am surprised...then one of the 5 guys Tom jumped out of no wear to save me but unfortunately the other 2 lying next to me were killed. Scared but glad to be alive i went outside the dark room and back into the lobby a group of people were surrounding one of the twins(Ian) and his mother was crying. My track coach came up tome to explain that Ian was the killer and that he killed his other twin( Tyler). I couldn't help feeling bad for the mother, but then mr. tracy explained that Ian ran away from the police and is running around the mall. He also showed me a picture of clowns including the joker from bat man. He told me Ian is trying to make everyone the joker which is why he cut my mouth.

I some how end up at the mall with a lady i have never met. we were trying to look for Ian. So we were going into all these stores including a small handbag store. We asked the clerk if she had seen a man with a black mask and she said that he bought a vintage brown handbag, left and went on the elevator. Before we left i looked in a mirror at the store to see what i looked like. I smiled and saw scar lines across my mouth like the joker..i was so scared. but me and lady left. she went the other way and i went to go on the elevator. pressed the down button and went inside. Their standing right next to me was Ian in his black mask. He took it off and showed his face. Then he took the razor and was about to plunge it into my heart but tom again appeared out of no were and saved my life. I then woke up.

I am moving 9 hours away and just before my dream occurrued i was had my last track meet with all 5 guys. They are all really close freinds and one of the 2 that died in the biggining of my dream i think I have feelings for. Tom the one that kept saving me is like a big brother to me.

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Dreamland \ Interpret Dream Diary Project

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