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Dream Diary Project: Interpret Dream Fish and Babies

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Rhe: Dream about fish and babies
I am thirty years old now and female. This dream was a year before we had our baby and we didn't even really know we would be having her yet.

We are on a long bridge crossing a wide lake that is on both sides. There are lots of people on the bridge, all walking, spread out. I am walking with my husband ahead of me and have a little girl on my hip, probably about a year or two old. We are not in a hurry, at first.

There are fish all over in the clear lake water, like koi, pretty combinations of orange and black and white. They are beautiful and everyone is looking at them. Then there come three small sharks, two black and one white, and they are chasing the little fish, gnashing their teeth at them and then they see all of the people on the bridge and come in our direction.

Everyone is screaming and panicking. The sharks are jumping but not getting over the railing. They are small sharks, about 3 feet in length, but everyone is as scared as if they were giants. Someone behind me says to give them my little girl's red socks, and they will go away. I can't see who says this as the crowd is pushing against each other.

I take off my baby's red socks (which I had not seen before in the dream) and throw them down in the water. The sharks converge on the socks and then disappear. The fish they were chasing return to their swimming about and we continue to cross the bridge without fear.

What does this mean? As I said we did not know we were going to become pregnant with a little girl several months after this, but we did and she was born healthy. I often dream of aquarium fish in danger or fish swimming about in the air unable to be caught. I think those are worries about hopes and wishes. I'm still wondering what the sharks or the red socks could represent.

Interpret fish and baby in a dream:
All the symbols in your dream indicates that you had great dream about your fertility.

Dreaming about bridge mean that you will change your life status from a woman with no kids to a one with kids. The fish symbolize your fertility and in the start you are not in a hurry to have babies - you are walking slowly at the bridge and the fish also swim slowly when the sharks are not there yet, as you passing through the bridge you enter to the unkown field which is symbolize by the water and also by sharks.

The sharks want to speed your biologic clock to make you hurry with your decisions about having baby, by chasing the little fish and by scaring you to cross the bridge faster- to make fast transition between not having a baby and giving birth.

Another interpret of sharks is authority. They are like the law in the ocean kingdom. but in your case its more moral or emotional law or to be conformist with the laws of society. it is important to you to be accepted by your surrounding and to have a new baby, but you want to make it from the right reasons:

The sock represent warmth and red color symbolize emotions, love and care. you dreamt about a baby socks because the foundation (feet) of your new child born is love and deep emotions. And not from other reasons such as society expectation and laws, biologic clock or other pressures you had that time. By throwing the red socks you prove to your self and to the other people in the bridge (but also in your real life) that you will have a baby only when you are ready and only from your own reasons - The number three symbolize completeness and fulfillment.

I hope you will keep having great dreams, and enjoy raising your kid,
Dreamland :)

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