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Dreamland \ Dream Diary Project

Dream Diary Project

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Dreamland`s Dreams Diary is the only project in the world that aims to document and classify dreams from all over the world. First, i hope to help dreamland`s visitors by interpret for you as much dreams as i can (you will find here some interpretations to the classified dreams). And second i really hope to have the biggest dream database in the world in order to help the worldwide dream reseach.

Submit your dreams and participate the amazing Dreamland`s dream contest which is a part of the dream diary project.

Interpret dreams about places and events:
Birthday Dream
Water Dream
Hotel Dream
Old House Dream

Interpret dreams about animals:
Fish Dream

Interpret dreams about love:
Crush Dream
Love Affair Dream

Interpret dreams about sex and pregnancy:
Pregnancy Dream
Pregnant Dream
Sex Dream
Baby Dream

Interpret dreams about objects:
Key And Rails In A Dream
psychic reading
Dreamland \ Dream Diary Project

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