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Dream Diary Project: Interpret Dream Birthday

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Tracey: Dream about Birthday
Your Dream Please help me figure this one out. In my dream i was in an all girls place. Like a mental hospital. I was new there and didnt know anybody and it was my birthday. My boyfriend was there sitting by me. I was opening gifts from people I dont know. All of a sudden I am outside walking down the street by myself reading a card that one of the girls gave me. She was saying that she wants to get to know me and was writing a little about herself. She starts by saying that she was born at Sherwood Linn Hospital.

I was just walking and reading when I look to my left and a man is walking toward me holding a knife out. I run to the nearest house and knock on the door. Nobody answers. Im standing on the steps of the house and the man is now right next to me. He pulls his arm back like he is going to stab me, and then I wake up.

I never remember so many details in a dream. I even remember what the man looked like and what he was wearing. Useally I cant see their faces in dreams. I looked the hospital up and cant find it. It was very vivid and was just wondering what it means.

Interpet birthday dream: Dreaming about mental hospital symbolize a wound in your soul, a present emotional state that is bothering you. it is very hard to guess what it is, but you have paradox in your dream: on the one hand you are in an all girls place, when you supposed to feel ok about yourself because you celebrate your birthday and want other girls that you dont know to be your freinds. And on the other hand you are running away from a man.

In some of the chase dreams the attacker doesnt have to be a stranger or a person that you know, it can be also apart of you try to chasing yourself. maybe a bad habbit or guilty feelings that you try to dispose, or you afraid to discover other aspect of yourself.

The girl that gave you the card is infact you. you want to know yourself better, and by being given birthday presents from unknown people you want to learn more about your own different sides with your personality espacially when you dream about mental hospital - what is in your own mind.

Its a dream about your inner self, about who you are, what you want to be part of your habits and feelings and what you dont want. Maybe you are going throw some changes in your life, maybe you overcomed some diffeculties from the past and now you revalue it.

I hope you will have great dreams and great future,
Dreamland :)

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Dreamland \ Interpret Dream Diary Project

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