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Dream Types - Day Dream

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Daydream is a special visions that we have when we are awake, and most of the times it is very nice and illustrate to us, our hops, thoughts and ambitions. The script of the daydream can be about the future we want to ourselves, or pleasant things that happened to us in the far past. They are often have very vivid images and sometimes they are looking very real, untill you cant tell if its real, dream or just a thought.

To experience a day dream, is like driftting away slowly from reality. The day dream starts when you are completely aware of your surroundings, and then something magical is start to happen. You have some vivid visions and images that taking away your mind from all the real world arounds you, untill your mind is in the fantasy world. But every little noise or startle can awake you back to reality.

Day dreams is not just about fantasies, its also away to see our awaken world in different and very creative way. Because its a place with limitation and laws, its a world you can create by your own mind. And of course you will remember it more clearly than night dreams because you are fully awake in the process of daydreaming.

Those thoughts just after you awaken from a night of sleep is also consider as a daydreaming. This light hallucinating is caused by the brain making the transition between wave patterns. Other people might have more to say on this, but I can tell you that daydreams are very similar to this in cause and in effect. you'll tend to daydream when your brainwaves start to lengthen as you get tired. But, this can happen even when you're not tired,difficult to produce this though.

Dreamland psychic \ Dream Types \ Day Dream

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