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Dreamland psychic \ Common Dreams
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Interpret Common Dream - Falling Teeth - If you lose your teeth in your dream, you will have burdens which will crush your pride and demolish your affairs.

Interpret Common Dream - Naked - When you dream that you are naked in a public place, it symbolize that you are afraid of being exposed.

Interpret Common Dream - Flying - Touching the stars, fly with the birds and getting good view on the great landscapes from the top of the world.

Interpret Common Dream - Falling - When you dream about falling out, it can indicate fear of failure or loss of control.

Interpret Common Dream - Chase - If you are used to run away from difficulties in your real life or try to avoid every confrontation, you will probably dream about chases.

Interpret Common Dream - Test - In your dream you are been put into a test or you want to check yourself in the real world.

Dreamland psychic \ Common Dreams

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