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Dreams In Colors

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Dreams In Colors Interpretation Blue indicates liberation from worry and/or help from outside sources.

Black is an unfavourable omen unless it featured in a funeral or other appropriate situation, in which case it forecasts difficulties to be overcome.

Brown means money luck.

bright Red is a warning to curb your temper.

deep Redforecasts unexpected good news.

Green pertains to travel or news from a distance.

Grey indicates a period of "marking time".

Lavender or Mauve foretells minor disappointment or transitory unhappiness.

Orange suggests that an expected change in your situation will be delayed.

Pink predicts unusually great success.

Purple is a forerunner to happy social affairs.

Yellow forecasts setbacks and struggles before improvement can be achieved.

White is a certain promise of success in all that concerns you.

mixture of bright colours - you can expect increasing security and success in all your affairs.

Dreams involving people of a colour other than your own are generally lucky omens pertaining to money and/or business, unless the people were some exotic shade like green or blue, in which case the dream probably had a digestive origin and no significance.

Most of the people dreaming in colours but there are some dreams that sometimes you can indicate lots of black, this is aera in the brain that doesnt remember clearly the image or in other words: you know what is hiding under this dark so you dont need the image. for example: you dream about a friend and even if you dont see clearly his face (something like black shadow) you know its him.

Black and white dreams - means something or someone unsolved from the past is just came out and need a second treat, also can symbolize pessimistic point of view and even a message that you ignore EVERYTHING that surrounds you.

Dreamland psychic \ Dream Themes \ Color Dreams

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