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World Dreams - Chinese & Indian Dreams

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Chinese Dreams:
chinese Dreams The man from the far east thought that the soul leave the body while he is sleeping, and communicate with dead spirits. They developed the philosophy about out of the body experiences. They want to visit their dead relatives, and wise people from their religon and to get information about the next world and about the future. other got this spirit answers in meditations.

Indian Dreams:
In this culture they believed that the dreams should be involved with fights and violence: the sleeping warrior need to fought "the evil side" in his dreams and that will lead him to a better life, and if you lose: death is knocking on your door. This is an example how this culture deal with their fear of the life problems and death.

indian dreams

dream catcher This is an indian dream catcher: According to their believe this should be hang near the place they sleep and all the dreams that they had during their sleep are catched and when they wake up in the morning they will remember all the dreams.

Dreamland psychic \ Dream Folklore \ Chinese & Indian Dreams

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