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Interpret Common Dream - Chase

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Dreaming about chase can indicate that you have strong feelings of fear. If you are used to run away from difficulties in your real life or try to avoid every confrontation, you will probably dream about chases.

Most of the chase dreams have these scenario: someone want to attack you, and you try to run away from him or her. but something is holding you back, maybe you dont run faster or even can move and maybe you dont find a save place to hide in. The way you act in your chase dream can teach you how you deal with fear feelings in your real life.

In some of the chase dream the attacker doesnt have to be a stranger or a person that you know, it can be also apart of you try try to chase you. maybe a bad habbit or guilty feelings that you try to dispose.

Mika`s chase dream:

often have dreams about being chased. I don't know why I'm being chased, and it's always different. Sometimes I'm in a forest,sometimes I'm in a parking lot, sometimes at school, going to school, anywhere really. Usually I am not scared, but kinda excited, in a way. When I wake up, I am not afraid. Usually they're "bad guys" who are chasing and occasionally they catch me. Actually, I've been killed in a couple of my dreams. Once I was shot in the neck, and I the next thing I knew I was walking down the street with a bullet hole in my neck. Another time, I was dreaming of being chased and I end up getting shot, and everything goes black and I fall down. Then I wake up. Actually, that dream was scary.

Dreamland psychic \ Common Dream \ Chase Dream

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