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Interpret Animals In Dreams

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Animals can show up in our dreams at any character and with various symbolic means: They can talk to us, eat us, chase or just for nice accompany.

We all have experiences with different animals in our waking life, so its not a surprise that they come to visit us when we dream. Most of the time the way you behave with animals in your waking life reflects your dream-relationship with the animal kingdom, For example horses and humans have a great history of interaction with each others, but they are some case where people actually afraid and try to avoid them in any cause.

When you dream of an animal it is important to find out what it represents to you. If you are afraid of horse in your real life, You might dreaming on falling while ridding on the back of black horse, or that a horse chasing you, and you cant find a save place. But if you love horses, you can talk to them within your dreams and ride with them to the infinite skies. The animals that lives in the farm, symbolize prosperity because they are associate with providing food and drinks to the human kind.

If you dreaming about killing animals, you can interpret in two ways, on the one hand, The animal killing can suggest the need to survive like, hunters who provide foods for their families, or even a ritual which the dreamer need to overcome in order to prove his / her ability. On the other hand, If you dreaming on killing animals with no reason it can indicates that you want to release anger, and breake the laws in your society.

When we try to analyse the animal as a symbol, we usually should reffers to human traits, like a dog is the best man`s friend, cat is only care about itself and the wisdom of the owl. When you dreaming about certain animal, ask yourself what qualities it has that you would like toobtain. Maybe you wish to have some of these qualities.

It is also important to know your background and where you came from. The eskimos in the cold areas will dream about animals within their surroundings such as whales and other underwater animals. While people from africa will dream about the desert animals such as camels. so keep an eye on the context of your animal dreams

Dreamland psychic \ Dream Themes \ Animals Dreams

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